ASCO is a leading manufacturer of apparel and home Textile operating out of Karachi, Pakistan. Established in 1950’s, with its roots in fabric and garment trading, We believe in always bringing extra value to customers in all our products and services by putting Quality our topmost priority.

Our fully vertical unit from Knitting to Finished Products helps give us an edge to meet on-time delivery demands from customers. With an overall capacity of 100,000 dozen in assorted basic and fancy items like Tees, Hoods and Sweatshirts. Quality is our top most priority in every part of the production process from buying the top most quality yarn till the finished product.

Let Asco with over 60 years of experience, coupled with its quality products and competitive pricing serve you now and the years to come.



300,000 kg/Month


360,000 kg/Month


2000 Machines


Over a Million Pieces/Month

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